Joe Smart LAMFT
Program Director
I have a diverse background in several different fields related to mental health.  My first work in the mental health field was with working with teens in a wilderness therapy program in Arizona.  This experience changed the course of my life inspiring me to find my life long interest in helping individuals and families find a greater degree of peace and functioning.  After my wilderness therapy experience I began working with teens and their families in residential therapy setting. 

These experiences and hard work helped me to finish my graduate training at Utah State University in Marriage and Family Therapy.  I then gained experience as a traditional outpatient therapist.  Finally, in 2002 I began working with children, teens, and adults through providing PSR services.  I have seen the difference this hands on approach can have.  Very few programs allow staff to intervene with maladaptive behaviors in the clients home and community.  It is amazing to see the difference PSR Services can have in an individuals life, and in the life of their family.
Greg Dunkley LMFT
Clinical Director
I attended undergraduate school at the Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah receiving a B.S. in Marriage, Family, and Human Development. I received a M.S. in Family and Human Development from Utah State University, in Logan, Utah with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy.

Since completing my Masters I have worked several years with individuals and families.  I have provided therapy for couples, families, adolescents, and adults.  At InRoads I will be one of the first people you meet.  I complete the majority of Diagnostic Assessments for our clients.  I also ensure a high degree of quality from our PSR Specialist by meeting with them each week giving them case specific supervision.  I look forward to meeting you. 
Guiding Individuals and Families to Find Solutions.
Our Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialists (PSR Specialist)

Our PSR Specialists come from diverse backgrounds and each have their own unique experiences that have helped to prepare them to help others to begin to live in a more functional way. 

In addition we require every InRoads PSR Specialist to:
  • Have a Bachelors Degree from an accredited University or College in one of the following fields (Psychology, Counseling, Early Childhood Development, Family Science, Primary Education, Special Education, Adult Education, Human Services, or Applied Behavioral Analysis).
  • Have weekly case specific supervision, generally, by our Clinical Director Greg Dunkley a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.
  • Continue to remain educated on the latest mental health research and techniques through gaining 20 continuing education credits a year.
  • Be fingerprinted and have a comprehensive background check.

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