Our Mission: 

The mission of InRoads is based in our beliefs about the people we help.

  • We believe all individuals have the capacity for improvement no matter their situation

  • We believe solutions for those we help are best found through collaboration with the people and  agencies involved in their lives

  • We believe an individuals life can be improved through learning and using social and life skills and personalized interventions

  • We believe all people should be treated with respect, and have the right to direct the course of their treatment

Our History:

         InRoads was established in 2005 by Joe Smart and Greg Dunkley.  Both Greg and Joe received their training in Marriage and Family Therapy.  This approach encourages a more systemic approach to helping people.  We focus our attention on each individual and their relationships by keeping in mind the larger picture of their family, culture, and environment.  We believe the greatest amount of help can be given through enhancing the communication between all of the stake holders or professionals involved in our clients life while maintaining a high degree of confidentiality. 

         InRoads has grown since 2005 and has been able to serve many satisfied people and their families while maintaining a high degree of personal care.  Generally each client is assessed by Joe and/or Greg so that they are able to offer personalized supervision about each client to their PSR Specialists each week.

Our Service areas:

         InRoads Mental Health Services has clients throughout Ada and Canyon Counties, and areas around McCall, Cascade, and New Meadows.  We provide our services in our clients’ homes and their communities so we are able to reach more people. 

Guiding Individuals and Families to Find Solutions.
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